Peppermint Oil

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Peppermint Oil, 60

Why These Natural Ingredients?

Peppermint leaf and oil have a long history of use for digestive disorders. The oil of peppermint has long been used by herbalist for its carminative actions. Many different cultures though out history have used peppermint oil for its gastrointestinal soothing properties.

Peppermint oil has safely been used in both children and adults with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). Studies using enteric coated peppermint oil in patients with IBS, report peppermint oil reduces IBS related symptoms in some patient populations. Studies also show peppermint oil works by acting as a calcium channel blocker in intestinal smooth muscle, thereby relaxing the intestinal smooth muscle.

Fennel and ginger have been used historically in gastrointestinal related ailments for centuries. They are both well known for their antinausea and gastrointestinal soothing effects.



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