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Why These Natural Ingredients?

Support for the Four Structural Layers of the Vein:

Butchers Broom Extract

Functions as a vasoconstricting agent through the alpha-adrenergic receptors, Butchers Broom extracts have also been shown to inhibit elastase, an enzyme involved in the decreased tone of veins.

Horsechestnut Extracts

Extracts of Horsechestnut seeds have anti-inflammatory, antiedema, antiexudative and venotonic activity, much of which has been known since the early 1960ís. For venous insufficiencies, several studies showed near-immediate changes in symptoms and direct measurements, including improvements in venous tone, decreases in capillary filtration rate, tissue volume of the foot and a reduction of the blood volume in the lower leg.

Gotu Kola Leaves

Like Horsechestnut, Gotu Kola extracts inhibit many factors associated with venous disorders. Studies credit Gotu Kola for increased vessel tone, decreased capillary permeability and improved microcirculation.


While the complete mechanism is not fully understood, Troxerutins are reported to have both antierythrocyte aggregation effects and a favorable effect on fibrinolytic activity.

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