Super Aloe 450

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Super Aloe 450, 100

Why These Natural Ingredients?

Cape Aloes

Our Super Aloe 250 and 450 are formulated with the finest and most effective Aloe Ferox available, and packaged in two convenient potencies for quick relief of constipation without the use of synthetics. Regarded as one of the best on the market, our Super Aloe provides a natural relief for occasional constipation.

NOTICE: For occasional use only. This product contains Cape Aloe (Aloe Verox). Do not use this if you develop diarrhea or abdominal pain. Consult your health professional if you have frequent diarrhea. DO NOT USE IF PREGNANT. Nursing mothers should contact their health professional before using this product.

What others are Saying:

Ortho Molecular Products super Aloe 450

"Great for Constipation for Extremely Sensitive Individuals I have been taking Super Aloe to help with my extreme constipation since Dec. 2011--it does WONDERS! I have all sorts of health issues (Auto Immune, Chronic Lyme, MCS, Candidiasis, Mycotoxicosis, I could go on and on). Due to my health issues my system is highly sensitive and cannot tolerate many traditionally used treatments for constipation. My doctor (Dr. Allen Libermen at COEM in Charleston, SC) recommended Super Aloe and it does wonders. Be cautious when increasing the dose as it can be quite potent. I learned this the hard way :) Good Luck! Feel Better!"

"Great Digestive Product Super Aloe helps keep the system regular."

"The Best Cure for Intestinal Woes I had intestinal problems for years, and other aloes did not do the trick, not even aloe juice. Finally, I found Super Aloe 450 and was "cured"! I never have any issues with Super Aloe and take it every day. It is a godsend!"

"It Gets the Job Done! My doctor recommended Super Aloe 450 for constipation and overall health. It works, and I don't need to be close to a bathroom all day which I appreciate."

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