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Premens, 60

Why These Natural Ingredients?

Vitamin B6

Pyridoxine supports both the healthy regulation of water and a healthy nervous system as well as normal hormone synthesis.


Dosing is important with any supplement containing magnesium. While many list magnesium as an ingredient, most multivitamins do not contain enough to bring value to the body and many use magnesium oxide, which is a poor source for magnesium. Ortho Molecular Magnesium is an amino acid chelate, which delivers a significantly better source to women with menstrual irregularities who need more than the USRDA.


The link of PMS and the menstrual cycle is through an over-supply of prostaglandins, which can be easily mediated with the use of curcumin. Additionally, reduced prostaglandins are associated with reduction of symptomology of PMS.



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