Myo Malate

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Myo Malate, 180

Why These Natural Ingredients?

Malic Acid and Fatigue
Malic acid frees critical enzymes that jump-start the Krebs Cycle and helps to produce more energy. A series of enzymatic reactions in aerobic organisms, the Krebs Cycle is responsible for producing highenergy phosphate compounds, which serve as the main source of cellular energy.

Malic Acid and Oxygenation of Tissue
Further, two distinct mechanisms have been proposed in maintaining oxygen-rich tissue: One, studies have shown that certain individuals seeking healthy oxygen levels in tissue see results with malic acid, which is considered a tissue oxygenator. Two, malic acid binds to aluminum, increasing the urinary excretion of aluminum. Studies have shown a direct inverse correlation between undesirable aluminum in the body and oxygenation levels in tissue. In studies, optimal dosing of malic acid has been shown to be critical to supplement success.



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