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Diaxinol, 60


A True Combination of the Best Scientific Studies

Many products use Gymnema or Vanadyl Sulfate to maintain blood sugar levels already within the normal range. However, no other product but Diaxinol uses correct scientific dosages of those ingredients plus an aggressive dose of 300mg Lipoic Acid, which has been shown to benefit target population groups. Used for over 30 years in Europe for maintaining blood sugar levels already within the normal range,Diaxinol's ingredients offer the most well-rounded scientific combination of natural ingredients available.

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Diaxinol by Ortho Molecular Products

"Diaxinol for blood sugar issues.  My chiropractor prescribed this product for my husband to bring down his A1C. It works very well for that."

"Lower insulin resistance without prescription drugs.  Diaxinol is a gem. I was diagnosed with diabetes and had severe insulin resistance. Even though my diet was excellent I continued to gain weight and insulin levels elevated. My OBGYN knew I was aware I did not want to take medication for diabetes and recommended Diaxinol . After 6 months my levels decreased by half and in 1 year I dropped 80 pounds. I have less cravings for sugary and high fat foods. Thus I was not diagnosed with diabetes. I feel better and look better than ever. I would recommend Diaxinol to everyone. Just stick with it. Nothing repairs itself over night!"



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