Ortho Biotic Powder

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Ortho Biotic powder, 51G - Ortho Molecular Probiotic

Why is Ortho Biotic Formulated to Need No Refrigeration?

Probiotic Bacterial Viability

Three things have an impact on bacteria that can render them useless to the body— oxygen, heat and moisture. Most products with similar goals as Ortho Biotic require the patient to refrigerate the product to reduce the impact of heat on the bacteria. This is not only extremely inconvenient (making it nearly impossible for the patient to comply with the dose regimen), it also introduces the third bacteria killer to their product— moisture. Therefore, by carefully formulating Ortho Biotic for room temperature storage, the patient is much more likely to comply with the dosing, and we eliminate the moisture problem inherent with refrigerated products. Frequent production of Ortho Biotic ensures that the bacterial strains in Ortho Biotic are never more than a few weeks old.

Nutritional Information for Ortho Biotic, Ortho Molecular Probiotic

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