Betaine & Pepsin

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Betaine & Pepsin, 225

Why These Natural Ingredients?


Betaine & Pepsin help jump-start acid content in the stomach. Betaine is a safe and excellent source of HCl.


Your stomach produces the enzyme Pepsin to aid in digestion through the breakdown of protein. Pepsin from Ortho Molecular Products is processed for optimal preservation of enzyme activity, and is lyophilized to preserve that activity in powdered form.

Why We Encapsulate Betaine & Pepsin.

Many of the products that share the same goals as our Betaine & Pepsin employ one major flaw in their strategy. While many are available only in tablet form, we have chosen to encapsulate this product. The reason: tablets are not broken down well in the stomach, usually passing to the intestines relatively undigested. Capsules, on the other hand, fully dissolve in the stomach, releasing 100% of the contents where they are needed most!

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