Alpha Base Capsules w/Iron

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Alpha Base Capsules w/ Iron, 240 capsules


Alpha Base: The Starting Point for Any Effective Supplement Program

We have designed Alpha Base as the foundation for an effective nutritional supplement program. Most of our products are formulated to work with Alpha Base so the patient is neither taking dangerous levels of any vitamin or mineral, nor missing proper levels of certain nutrients that would otherwise contribute to protocol efficacy. By taking our Alpha Base supplement, patients are assured of having a solid foundation of nutritional support. From there, carefully formulated products can be added to focus on specific areas of need. Using the best vitamin and mineral ingredients available, formulated using the highest standards into a hypoallergenic super-supplement, Alpha Base surpasses all others in providing a safe, effective program for life-long nutritional support.

The Alpha Base Difference:

• High levels of antioxidants, excellent mineral sources, and a 2:1 Magnesium to Calcium ratio are a few of the features that set Alpha Base apart from the crowd.

• USP/NF ingredients wherever available.

• Fully Reacted Minerals have a higher assimilation rate than other minerals.

• High levels of antioxidants reducing free radical damage.

• Formulated as the base regimen for all other Ortho Molecular products, ensuring that when taken properly, patients will be assured of non-conflicting dosages— making their support regimen safe and efficacious.




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