4Sight 60 Capsules

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4 Sight, 60


While 4Sight is excellent for supporting those whose eyes already suffer with age-related antioxidant issues, the most exciting value of 4Sight is found in its preventative component. When patients begin a 4Sight regimen prior to developing antioxidant problems with their eyes, their results can often show measurable slowing of the degenerative process. Developed in conjunction with a nationally known Ophthalmologist, 4Sight was “in the trenches” helping patients long before AREDS made headlines, and long before products which tried to capitalize on the subsequent media exposure. In formulating 4Sight, ingredients were studiedthat go well beyond the positive results of the AREDS study, and make 4Sight a more thorough support regimen for the eyes.

Lipoic Acid

A multipurpose antioxidant, Lipoic Acid inhibits aldose reductase, preventing the sorbitol induced leakage of important antioxidants from eye tissue.

Ginkgo Biloba

Acting to increase blood flow, Ginkgo biloba increases neurological activity and protects lipid membranes from oxidation— a logical therapeutic approach for oxidative eye damage.

Carotenoids (Lutein, Lycopene)

Studies show that increased intake of lutein can lower the risk of age-related macular degeneration. Our lutein dosage is more powerful than most, making our 4Sight a more efficacious option for patients. Researchers have also found low serum levels of lycopene have been shown to increase the risk of ARMD.

Conclusion: Supplementation with sufficient dosages of lutein and lycopene is a wise choice for long-term eye care.


Bilberry extract contains a high amount of anthocyanadins— antioxidants having a long history of success in hindering aldose reductase and improving capillary permeability.

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